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ARMIDI | the Workroom

Behind the scenes of Armidi Launches!
Posted by: Armidi

We are very excited to announce the launch of, an online shopping web site dedicated to the virtual Armidi brands, a unique shopping experience for virtual Armidi customers. ShopArmidi is the first online shopping web site dedicated to and launched by a specific virtual brand. was announced to the public in Spring 2008.

An exclusive collection of over 20 pieces is also being launched with the web site. Items from the collection are only available from, and are not available elsewhere, including other virtual Armidi outlets.

Users can now purchase virtual Armidi products with the click of a button, and search and browse for products using’s search feature, no longer having to wait for slow loading times often associated with virtual shopping. Users also have access to customer assistance and advanced support features, making shopping easier than ever. also features syndicated media including Style Tips, News, as well as virtual Armidi’s very own resident blog, the Workroom.

Browse & Search
Users can easily locate any virtual Armidi product by taking advantage of the advanced Browse & Search features on Users can filter searches by brand, colour, category, or create a custom filter.

Order History
Users can now locate and track their orders and deliveries as well as manage their purchases. Users can also request redelivery of nearly every item they have purchased virtually or on without delay, a popular request from customers.

Support features an exclusive Support portal, complete with FAQ and Help. Popular questions are answered on the FAQ pages and users can submit a Support Ticket to request additional assistance.

When users have finished browsing, they can purchase an individual item directly or use the checkout feature to have their items delivered together.

Wish Lists allows users to add items to their own Wish List, which they can use as a reference guide for purchases, or share it with friends who are feeling generous.

Users can now easily send an Armidi gift to any of their friends by selecting the Buy As Gift option on any product page. Recipients do not need to be registered to to receive their gifts. Users can also purchase Gift Credits for friends and loved ones who prefer to shop at their own leisure. has been a long-term goal for Armidi since virtual Armidi’s initial launch. We are excited to see the project come to fruition and to be able to offer our customers an easier and more effective shopping solution, including easier and quicker customer service and support solutions, something we have strived for since the beginning.

For more details on ShopArmidi, please visit

To experience ShopArmidi, please log on to Users must be registered to access certain features of Users must be eligible for registration. Please visit for more information.

Want to work with Armidi?
Posted by: Armidi

Want to work with Armidi? Now is your chance!

For the first time we are publicly accepting applications for positions in customer service and support, customer relations, communications, and management.

We are looking for friendly, enthusiastic individuals who enjoy working with and helping others. We need people who can converse professionally and patiently through text and voice, and have had previous experience assisting others. If you are bilingual even better!

We are looking for punctual individuals with a reliable and consistent schedule, and also those with a reliable and flexible schedule.

Be prepared to provide work experience or resume upon request.

Sound like your dream job?
Please email to request an application.

Please remember to include in-world contact information.

Bikini + Boardshorts by Armidi
Posted by: Armidi

Bikini and boardshorts! It’s the middle of summer and it’s time to head to the beaches with the new range of bikinis and boardshorts by Armidi.

Boardshorts and select bikini styles available at Armidi Limited, full-range bikini styles are available at Intimizzio.

Item checklist

_ + Tricote Nada / Intimizzio

_ + Joia Verao / Intimizzio

_ + Corda Serica / Intimizzio

_ + Marea Bassa / Intimizzio

_ + Amire il Nodo / Intimizzio

_ + Ete Sangle / Intimizzio

_ + Printed Shore Bikini / Intimizzio

_ + Boho Print Bikini / Intimizzio

_ + Twisting In Bikini / Intimizzio

_ + Floral Curve Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Ibisco Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Graffito Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Urbana Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Checkered Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Urbana Striped Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

_ + Striped Boardshorts / Armidi Limited

MyGiftCard Announcement
Posted by: Armidi

As of Friday, August 15th, the MyGiftCard service will remain unavailable as we prepare for the launch of

MyGiftCard was launched in February of 2008 as a preview into the ShopArmidi web site, where gift card holders could purchase items readily available.

We sincerely apologize that we were unable to add more recent items as they were released, to the web site, and we have been working extra hard to get those ready for the re-launch!

If you were unable to redeem your cards via MyGiftCard, send a message to the avatar Shop Armidi with all your details and how you would like to use your card!

Interested in joining the fun? Armidi will be making a very exciting announcement in the coming days that will give you the chance to be a part of it. Keep an eye out!

We hope everyone enjoyed MyGiftCard, and we hope you will enjoy ShopArmidi even more!

Colour Me Summer
Posted by: Armidi

New collection plus new flexible options + summer colours.

It’s the first days of summer, and appropriately so, Armidi brings it together in the Colour Me Summer collection ranging from everyday wearables to fashionable metallics. Also being released are re-workings of some favourites, available in new options and Summer colours. Colour Me Summer is available now.

_ + Duo Cocktail Dress (Sculpted) / Armidi Limited

_ + Aphrodite Cocktail Dress (Flexible + Sculpted) / Gisaci

_ + Barlu Fiore in Summer Colours (Flexible + Sculpted) / Gisaci

_ + Neon Bangles / Armidi Limited

_ + Hoja Top in Summer Colours / Armidi Limited

_ + Brindisi Slacks in Summer Colours / Armidi Limited

_ + Sasche Flats in Summer Colours / Armidi Limited


New Accessories by Armidi Gisaci
Posted by: Armidi

12 June, 2008

New Accessories by Armidi Gisaci, released in over 50 variations, including new necklace, bags and multiple-set bangles.

Item Checklist:

_ + Summer Stacked Bangles (wood, knit, leather)

_+ Glitz Bangle Combos

_+ Diamond Pendant Necklace

_+ Focsani Bag

Paris-LA by Armidi & Gisaci
Posted by: Armidi


From our base in Los Angeles, to the fashion capital that is Paris, Paris-LA represents the laid back lifestyle of both cities which can be seen in the distinct underground fashion trends originating from both L.A. and Paris. Taking inspiration from the trendy-vintage streets of Los Angeles to the timeless-romantic style driving the districts of Paris, together these styles create a unique and eclectic look embodying the forward sense of fashion that both cities share.

Item Checklist:

by Gisaci

_+ Soir Doux

_+ Smoky Nymph

_+ Barlu Fiore (select colours)

_+ Hoja Top (select colours)

_+ Brindisi Slacks (select colours)

_+ Dotted Bliss Cocktail

available in Armidi Gisaci

_+ Sasche Flats (select colours)

_+ Niama Necklace

_+ Snakeskin Bangle

Gisaci Vacanze Collection Deux by Armidi
Posted by: Armidi

Three new designs have been released under the Vacanze Collection, Gisaci’s upscale casual collection by Armidi. Available in over 30 variations.

Item Checklist:

- + _Milla Milla

- + _Trend du Jour

- + _Triple Pearl Bracelets


Gisaci Vacanze Collection by Armidi
Posted by: Armidi

The Gisaci Vacanze Collection by Armidi is now out.

The collection includes casual wear, jewelry, & accessories for him & her from Gisaci and Armidi Gisaci.

Item Checklist:

  • _Cambridge Cuffed Shirt
    _Liscio Vest
    _Ruvido Slacks
  • _Buone Vacanze
    _Lima Trenchcoat
    _Dans la Ville
    _Primavera Mini Trench
    _Cambridge Shirt & Shorts
    _Cambridge w/Vest
    _Journey Tweed Slacks
  • _Viniani Heel
    _Porta Corsico Bag
    _Pearl Egg Necklace
    _Metallic Tres Bangles
    _Triple Pearl Necklace
    _Healing Tiger Bangle
    _Healing Koi Bangle
    _Healing Zebra Bangle
    _Healing Giraffe Bangle
    _Valencia Pearl Necklace
    _Towanda Quintet Bangles
Armidi Inks Major Partnership Deals
Posted by: Armidi

April Fools Day!

End of first quarter announcement - Armidi Inks Major Partnership Deals

At the end of the first quarter for 2008, Armidi announces partnership deals with major content creators from the Second Life® virtual world.

The Armidi brand has long been recognized as the number one destination for virtual content, far ahead of any competitor, and dominating the fashion scene in the Second Life® virtual world. Unanimously, it is agreed that one unified place for Second Life® residents to shop and congregate is a good thing, and in keeping with that belief, we are very excited to announce this expansion to the ever growing Armidi brand.

“Armidi has come to dominate [the] metaverse…in general.” - New World Notes

Please welcome to the Armidi team, the following individuals:

FunkyTony Armidi

  • Cory Edo
  • Polyester Partridge
  • Toast Bard
  • Nylon Pinkney
  • Barnesworth Anubis
  • Ingrid Ingersoll
  • Forseti Savrog
  • Daniel Luchador

“Normally when you think of Tableau the first image that comes to mind is class and elegance. That’s why we are merging the entire sim with Armidi. Most of us are very excited about this new venture…” - Tableau

Onyx Armidi

  • Onyx LeShelle
  • Beauvoir Rousselot

“Maitreya is excited to be joining the armidi team and to be part of something this huge. It’s a priviledge to be able to work with so many great creative people, and we can’t wait to get busy :)) Beauvoir and I will be working under our new avatar name: Onyx Armidi” - Onyx LeShelle

Glam Armidi

  • Minnu Palen
  • Thora Charron

“I am happy to announce that Glam World has joined the Armidi team to create our skins and shoes under their label. We believe this merger will create one huge fashion power house and we are excited to officially be part of the team. Thora and I will be working together under the alt, Glam Armidi.” - Minnu Palen

Paper Armidi

  • Ava Lu
  • Cora Lu
  • Mare Lu
  • Mimi Lu
  • Prue Lu

At the request of Paper Couture, please visit the House of Lu blog (which we are unable to , for contractual reasons, link to) for their stance on this partnership.

Wilma Armidi

  • Antonia Marat

“I am very excited to announce that I will be joining forces with the amazing crew at Armidi. Being asked is such a huge compliment, and an offer I could not turn down. I plan to bring some rockabilly flair to the Armidi fashion house, and I will mainly focus on making upscale inspired outfits, fitting into the allotted creativity space. I will be working under the alt Wilma Armidi. Artilleri will be closing it’s doors in 2 weeks, so that I can fully concentrate on this new adventure. Thanks for the ride these past 2 years, and I hope to see you at Armidi!” - Anontia Marat

Sofia Gray
Public Relations Manager

“A step in the right direction.” - Adian Armidi

By joining Armidi, these designers are able to freely achieve the success that they otherwise may had not. They are joining an established team who are able to express their own individuality and unique style, by designing freely and creatively, within the style boundaries set by Armidi.

“It’s a bit sudden…I do not regret joining Armidi.” - Juju Armidi

The first set of designers, Hudsen Armidi, Juju Armidi, Kathryn Armidi, and Lindsay Armidi will continue to design for Armidi while taking a brief leave of absence during this transition period.

“I’ve always lusted after these designers, so I am very excited to be able to extract their talents for use in the Armidi brand. As someone who is unable to, creatively, make original content in the Second Life® virtual world without the aide of another, strategically, this is the perfect move.” - London Armidi

The new crop of Armidi designers will unveil their first collection under the Armidi brand in Mid-April. Second Life® residents will be able to purchase the collections at the Armidi region, the soon to be launched, or one of the sixteen new satellite locations which will be housed in the designer’s former flagship locations. Each new satellite store will mimic the unique style of Armidi.

Unfortunately at this time, Armidi cannot formally address any press enquiries regarding these agreements, limitations, and the future plans for Armidi. Press enquiries for the new team may be directed to the following names, respectively; FunkyTony Armidi, Paper Armidi, Onyx Armidi, Glam Armidi, Wilma Armidi.

April Fools Day!

Welcome to ARMIDI | the Workroom.